Prepineer is the world's first social engineering platform, combining the best tools with a collaborative community, so you can do everything to get ready for the FE Exam in one place, and get on to owning your career.

Save Time Starting

Prepineer students spend less time figuring out how to start studying, freeing them up to study with more confidence. What will you do with your added swagger?

Progress Faster

With Prepineer, be confident in where you stand.  In fact, Prepineer students don't have to worry about keeping track of their progress indicators, we do it for them.

Real Understanding

Prepineer is built to support you no matter what stage you are starting.  On average, Prepineer students get answers from the community in a few short hours.

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Get Started in Seconds

With Prepineer, create a study plan you can be confident in from the start.  With 30 seconds and 6 clicks of the mouse, have a fully customized track of study that is fully in line with the most recent NCEES CBT exam standards for your specific discipline.

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Increased Visual

Maintain perspective on the journey ahead with Prepineer's structured Discipline Specific Track of Study.

Instantly Establish Clear Plan

Don't get bogged down with confusion on where to start.  Have a personalized course of study set up in as little as 30's like your own personal coach telling what you need to do!

Remarkably Customizable

Planning to take the Civil Exam...or maybe Mechanical? No worries, Prepineer will give you ease of mind knowing that your studies will be fully in line with the latest NCEES CBT Specifications for your Discipline.

Refreshingly Organized

For students who have a tough time staying organized (ahem), with Prepineer you can trust a Track of Study that is broken down step by step precisely to what you need to be focusing on.

Revolutionizing Community

With Prepineer's dedicated community of aspiring students preparing for the FE Exam at the same exact time that you are, always have the comfort of a partner by your side.

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Join Together

With Prepineer, meet accountability partners who will keep on point and pushing towards your goals.  When someone is looking to you for results, you step up, you stay the course, you execute.

Sensationally Dedicated

Be part of the only 100% dedicated FE Exam community that is designed to speed up your studies and maximize your performance come exam day.

Increase Momentum

Get going faster and stay going as the Prepineer community pulls (and pushes) you through the stumbling points.

Come Along with Real Engineers

Rest at ease knowing that not only do you have access to aspiring students, but also Professional Engineering mentors who are guiding these students 24/7 to help keep pushing you towards your goals.

Testimonial - Sam

"I had no hope after failing the exam once.  Then I found Prepineer, and the approach and support were nothing short of spectacular.  I couldn't have passed without it."

Jon States, EIT

Study Wherever You Are

Never miss another opportunity to study. Log in to Prepineer from your computer, tablet or phone to continue your studies in just two clicks.

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Take Advantage of Every Second

Be ready when inspiration strikes.  Hop in and log study time anywhere you are with the device closest to your fingertips.

Different Students Deserve Different Approaches

However you approach your studies, Prepineer can handle it. Work at your own pace, dictating what you are learning and when you are learning it.

Easy Access

Prepineer is at home on Safari (Mac, iPhone, iPad), Chrome (Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad, Android), Firefox (Mac, PC), and IE 9+ (PC, Surface)

Study Anywhere, Anytime

Prepineer is built from the ground up to fit your personal needs and schedule.  You’re mobile, your life is mobile, so we’re mobile.  That's how is should be...Period.

Your Complete Roadmap

Prepineer breaks down your journey step by step, and in depth, to get your from where you sit today to we you need to be come exam day.

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Single Resource

Enjoy the convenience of having all the material you need in one single resource, structured for your specific discipline.

Learning Dashboard

Always have clarity on where you stand and where you need to go with all your material, progress indicators, and assessment metrics combined in an elegant interface known as your Learning Dashboard.

Small Steps, Big Wins

Each Track of Study is broken down in to manageable steps, empowering you to incrementally step through the material, resulting in exceptional progress.

All Inclusive Review

Are you in need of a quick review or a more in depth dive in to the foundational concepts.  With Prepineer, it doesn't matter what side of the fence you are on, we don't leave out material that others may look as "Trivial" allowing you to dictate your own studies.

Testimonial - Sam (1)

"I don’t know of another website, person or company who goes the extra mile with passion and dedication to push those of us who really need that constant push."

Sam Kissinger, Civil Engineer at Allen & Lisk Engineers

Super-Hero Support

Prepineer Support Super-Heros are all about making your life easier. Help is free forever, and you’ll always get a real human faster than you can say, “Wow that was crazy fast!”

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We're Changing Exam Preparation Forever

From Lecture notes to the ultimate exam study guide, Prepineer has everything you need to get ready for the FE Exam.

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Revolutionizing FE Exam Prep

Prepineer started out with the purpose putting students first, breaking down the barriers between you and the opportunity to become a Professional Engineer. Every day, Prepineer saves thousands of aspiring engineers hours from filtering through unrelated and outdated content from the web, their book shelfs, and University folders. Our ultimate goal is to instantly deliver invaluable educational content that is immediately useful and relevant to any knowledge seeker on one platform.

Making Studying Easy

When it comes to preparing for the FE Exam, there never seems to be enough time. Lucky for the 40,000 new engineering graduates around the US (and the 100's of thousands who are still to get their license), Prepineer exists for you. With an extensive library of exam study guides, lecture notes and video tutorials created by top students, you can quickly find what you need when you need it.  No wonder 91% who study with a clear plan follow through.


Prepineer is about change. Change in how we approach engineering education and preparing for licensing exams...experience it yourself.

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