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What constitutes cheating or misuse of Prepineer?

Prepineer is intended as a supplemental study resource and using this site in any other manner violates both Prepineer’s Terms of Use and Honor Code. It is the user’s responsibility to understand the NCEES Nondisclosure Agreement as well as the academic integrity requirements at their institution to ensure that using online study resources like Prepineer does not violate their institution’s honor code.

Examples of misuse include but are not limited to:

  • Copying or using content directly from Prepineer and submitting it as one’s own work
  • Uploading any contemporaneous recordings of a class or lecture given by an instructor
  • Using Prepineer study materials, mentors or tutors to complete tests or homework assignments when instructed not to use outside help
  • Using Prepineer in any manner that violates your instructor’s or institution’s academic honor code

Using Prepineer for cheating or plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated.

Anyone who misuses Prepineer to submit another user’s content as their own or gain an unfair advantage during testing may be permanently banned.

Is using Prepineer cheating?

Taking advantage of Prepineer’s resources to supplement your studies, enhance your understanding of engineering or expanding your resume skills is not cheating. Taking the initiative to get the help you need or explore new material is important and critical for future success.

However, we acknowledge that some students do not use Prepineer in the manner for which it was intended.

As such, Prepineer does not tolerate copyright infringement, plagiarism or cheating of any kind. Anyone who misuses Prepineer to gain an unfair advantage, submits another user’s content as their own, or violates any law, regulation, ethics code, school code, will be permanently banned from the platform.

The team at Prepineer has gone to great lengths to build and maintain a quality engineering educational resource, and we take pride in working with students, educators, administrators and professionals to ensure that the integrity of our site is not compromised.



What Documents Can I Upload to Prepineer?

Prepineer was created to help students learn and prepare more effectively for their engineering exams, so documents that are helpful to the studying process are exactly what should be uploaded!

Specific Requirements for Each Document:

  • It must be tagged to the correct course at the correct school (when being uploading for a specific school)
  • It must contain useful information and should be a full page or longer
  • It should have a descriptive and helpful title
  • It cannot be separated into multiple documents
  • It cannot already exist on Prepineer
  • It cannot be a photograph
  • It must be correctly classified as one of the following types:
    • Class Notes
    • Exam Material
    • Study Guide
    • Homework
    • Lecture Material
    • Practice Problems

As a contributor to Prepineer you also represent that you either own or have rights to use the submitted material.

Click here to start uploading now.

How do I view a study document in its entirety?

As a Basic user, you can search and browse Prepineer’s database of study documents, but only program students have the ability to view and download study documents in their entirety.

If you would like to view a document, please join Prepineer, you can see the membership options here.

I tried to download a document, why am I receiving an error stating it is damaged?

If you’re having difficulty viewing and/or downloading a document, please notify Provide specific details regarding the issue and the document name/type and someone will be in touch to help you solve the problem.



How do I host my materials on Prepineer?

Prepineer believes experts come in all forms, and we welcome both students and teachers to share their materials with our community. You can begin uploading documents here.

My materials have been posted to Prepineer without my consent -- how do I have them removed?

Prepineer requires that users own all content they choose to upload on Prepineer OR have express permission from the author to upload content to Prepineer. We regret that at times users ignore our Terms of Use and upload other’s content without consent.

Prepineer is DMCA compliant and works expeditiously to remove content from the site that infringes copyright. As the copyright holder of a work that has been posted on Prepineer without your consent, we encourage you to fill out an official DMCA take-down request so that we can remove the offending content as soon as possible. Learn more about how to fill out a DMCA request here.

Read more about how Prepineer handles DMCA and copyright.



What is copyright and why is it important?

According to the US Copyright Office, copyright is a form of intellectual property law that protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture. Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed.

Copyright grants the author of a work exclusive rights to copying, distributing, preparing derivative works based on a work and performing or displaying the work publicly. It ensures that authors are the sole benefactors of their work.

How does Prepineer handle copyright issues?

Prepineer complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We act expeditiously to remove offending material when a copyright owner notifies us that a piece of content on Prepineer allegedly infringes its rights. Click here to read more about Prepineer’s copyright policy.

How do I know who owns the copyright of a certain material?

Generally speaking, copyrights are held by the creator of the material. However, there are a couple of exceptions including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Employers who own the rights to employee work
  • Fair Use content
  • Public Domain content

There is no official copyright notice on this material -- is it still copyrighted?

Copyright holders are not required to label their work with an official copyright notice in order for the work to still be protected by copyright law. If the material in question was created after 1923, then it is copyrighted for 95 years after the date it was created. If you are not the author of the specific material you wish to upload, you MUST get express permission from the author.

How do I know if content I want to upload to Prepineer is copyrighted by someone else?

The best way to tell if a work is copyrighted is to ask yourself — did I create this material? If the answer is no, then the copyright is held by the individual who created the material and the content is not yours to share.

Remember, if you are uploading someone else’s material to Prepineer, you must have express permission from the author to do so. Uploading something without permission infringes upon the author’s copyright and is not condoned by Prepineer.

How does Prepineer treat my private information?

Prepineer takes your privacy very seriously. For information on howPrepineer treats your private information, please refer toPrepineer’s full Privacy Policy here.

Note that in the instance of a clear breach of Prepineer’s Terms of Use, Prepineer may share a user’s publicly available information with an entity (eg. an academic institution) which may have been impacted by the misuse.


What is DMCA?

The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that addresses the protection of digital copyrighted materials.

How do I report copyrighted materials on Prepineer?

Prepineer is dedicated to protecting the rights of copyright holders, and it is our policy to immediately respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. In order to comply with DMCA protocol, only the copyright holder of a certain work can file a DMCA take-down request for that work. Click here for information on how to file an official DMCA take-down request for alleged copyright materials on Prepineer.

What is a DMCA take-down request?

The DMCA requires that in order for a digital piece of content to be removed from a Web site, the copyright holder must supply sufficient proof of ownership of that content and that said content, by being hosted in such a capacity, infringes its copyright.

DMCA requires this information to be submitted in a specific, itemized format in order for the content host to remove the content from the site in a manner that complies with the law. We realize this is tedious, so we have supplied the required format for the DMCA take-down request here.

How do I file a DMCA take-down request?

Prepineer will remove or disable access to material claimed to be the subject of infringing activity and/or terminating users in DMCA-compliant take-down requests. To file a DMCA take-down request, please complete a form that follows the official DMCA Take Down Request format. You can deliver your notice to Prepineer by mail or email.

What does a DMCA take-down request look like?

Here is a sample DMCA-compliant take-down request:

1. Statics 201 Review, My University

2. [Document URL]

3. Name: Jane Doe

a. Address: 109 E 17th St STE 63, Cheyenne, WY 82001

b. Phone: (555) 555-5555

c. Email:

4. I, in good faith believe that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law

5. The information in this letter is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, I am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right

6. Signature: Jane Doe

Where can I find the Terms of Use?

You can locate Prepineer’s Terms of Use here:


If you can’t find the answers to your question, feel free to contact our awesome support team. Please fill in the form below and we'll be happy to assist you.