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"It was my 6th time taking the exam and with all the programs out there, and believe me, I’ve seen them all, Prepineer hands down stands above them all." - Bonnie Mancuso

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There is a little known secret in the world of FE Exam prep.

In our experience, it’s a secret that can relieve those who have been haunted with failing this exam 2, 3…even 6 times.

What is it?

You don’t need to take the discipline specific exam based on your undergraduate major.

Students coming in to our program are blown away when they learn that they didn’t need to take the Civil Discipline exam just because they got their degree in Civil Engineering or the Chemical Discipline exam just because they got their degree in Chemical Engineering.

Nope, not necessary, they could have just took the strategic route of focusing on the “Other Disciplines” Exam.

This was my personal strategy when taking the exam myself, and the strategy that has proven over time to be one blanketed with success (even for those who had failed the exam 6 times – The Jimmy Maier, Bonnie Manbcuso, Zach Shepherd et al Experience).

This strategy works, and we build around what works.

After all, it’s our duty to prepare you to succeed on this exam, even if that means doing some things *outside the box*.

The Other Discipline has the highest passing percentage for all the FE Exam specifications, and there are legit reasons why, here are a few:

    Catch All:

The “Other Discipline” specification is built to be a *catch all* geared towards all disciplines, not any one specifically.

For this reason, the exam may span across more subjects, but to a depth that is far less than what you would be expected to know on the discipline specific exams.

As an example of this, for Statics, a Mechanical Engineer would be expected to have a more seasoned knowledge base at a depth that a Nuclear Engineer wouldn’t have.

Now because both the Mechanical Engineer and the Nuclear Engineer may take this same exam, they need to gear the questions to accommodate them both.

    No Discipline Specific Subjects:

Also, because of this being a catch all exam, the NCEES can’t expect someone to know the discipline specific subjects such as Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation, Environmental Science, or Linear Systems and Signals.

Because these subjects are off the shelf, that leaves a need to fill in questions in other *general* topics such as Mathematics and Probability and Statistics.

This is good, in favor of us, because a lot of what we can do using our calculator (the hacks) will be found in these subjects. The more chance to bank points and time using our hacks is the golden ticket to success.

There are strategies that can be deployed to increase your chances of success on this exam, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Watch how the Prepineer Process has helped students like you transform their careers

The Prepineer Course Details

In this comprehensive course developed in line with the most current NCEES specifications, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to pass the FE Exam now.

Mathematics - 128 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: College Algebra
  • SECTION 2: Analytical Geometry
  • SECTION 3: Calculus
  • SECTION 4: Differentital Equations
  • SECTION 5: Linear Algebra

Probability and Statistics - 32 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Properties of Pure Substances
  • SECTION 2: Measures of Dispersion
  • SECTION 3: Counting Principle
  • SECTION 4: Combinations & Permutations
  • SECTION 5: Laws of Probability
  • SECTION 6: Types of Distributions
  • SECTION 7: Linear Regression

Chemistry - 12 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Units of Measurement
  • SECTION 2: Atomic Structure
  • SECTION 3: Chemical Equations
  • SECTION 4: Solutions
  • SECTION 5: Acids & Bases

Instrumentation and Data Acquisition - 14 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Data Acquisition
  • SECTION 2: Data Processing
  • SECTION 3: Spreadsheets

Ethics and Professional Practice - 4 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Codes of Ethics
  • SECTION 2: Professional Practice

Safety, Health, and Environment - 9 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Safety and Hazard Identification
  • SECTION 2: Industrial Hygiene
  • SECTION 3: Risk Assessment
  • SECTION 4: Noise Pollution

Engineering Economics - 54 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Time value of money
  • SECTION 2: Costs
  • SECTION 3: Economic Analysis
  • SECTION 4: Depreciation
  • SECTION 5: Project Selection

Statics - 107 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Vector Mechanics
  • SECTION 2: Force Systems
  • SECTION 3: Centroids
  • SECTION 4: Static Equilibrium
  • SECTION 5: Moment of Inertia
  • SECTION 6: Friction
  • SECTION 7: Trusses

Dynamics - 76 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Particle Kinematics
  • SECTION 2: Particle Kinetics
  • SECTION 3: Kinetic Friction

Strength of Materials - 39 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Uniaxial Stress-Strain
  • SECTION 2: Thermal Deformation
  • SECTION 3: Cylindrical Pressure Vessels
  • SECTION 4: Stress & Strain
  • SECTION 5: Torsion
  • SECTION 6: Beams
  • SECTION 7: Columns
  • SECTION 8: Elastic Strain Energy

Material Science - 23 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Atomic Structure
  • SECTION 2: Classifications of Matter
  • SECTION 3: Corrosion
  • SECTION 4: Diffusion
  • SECTION 5: Thermal and Mechanical Processing
  • SECTION 6: Electrical Properties
  • SECTION 7: Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics - 20 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Fluid Properties
  • SECTION 2: Manometers
  • SECTION 3: Submerged Surfaces
  • SECTION 4: Buoyancy
  • SECTION 5: Continuity Equation
  • SECTION 6: Energy Equation
  • SECTION 7: Consequences of Fluid Flow
  • SECTION 8: Impulse-Momentum

Electricity, Power, and Magnetism - 51 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Equivalent Circuits
  • SECTION 2: Kirchoff’s Current and Voltage Laws
  • SECTION 3: Thevenin and Norton Circuits
  • SECTION 4: Capacitance
  • SECTION 5: Inductance

Heat, Mass, and Energy Transfer - 14 Exercises

  • SECTION 1: Properties of Pure Substances
  • SECTION 2: Ideal Gas Law
  • SECTION 3: Thermodynamic Tables
  • SECTION 4: Rankine Cycle

What makes Prepineer so different?

We all have an Engineer inside of us, but we battle being recognized as one by those around us because we haven’t passed the FE Exam.

Look, we get it.

We help our students pass the FE Exam, combining realistic material review with personal 1-on-1 coaching, maximizing the time you have now while balancing the responsibilities of life, family and work.

As an engineer, you do what you do for a variety of reasons…and pursuing a Professional Engineering license is no exception.

Some of us are looking to advance our careers.

Some of us want an all out change in the direction of our lives.

And regardless of what the underlying reason is, fulfilling a commitment that we made to ourselves or serving as a role model for our family is the driving force behind them all.

While our reasons may be different on many fronts, all of us face the challenge of adding a commitment of preparing for the FE Exam to an already exhaustive list of responsibilities.

We understand, because we have been in your same shoes.

It’s not the most “sexy” thing to think about…it’s an exam.

But we all know deep down what it would mean – to our career, to our lives – if we can just somehow make a successful run at the FE Exam.

There’s an obstacle in the way of where you are today and where you want to be going forward.

It comes in the form of an exam.

Our experience in working with Engineers since 2009 has taught us that students appreciate and respond well to a program that is built around realistic material reviews written for the common person combined with real time personal guidance and support to help balance a continued educational pursuit with the competing demands of career and family.

You know what you need to do, it sits deep inside you.

We invite you to start your Free 7 Day Trial with Prepineer today.


Because nobody understands what it takes to succeed on the FE Exam more than us, we’ve been there in the trenches ourselves and found success, helping many others do the same who once thought there was never a chance.

We are ready to walk alongside you.

Success is possible.

What's my investment?

How much is not having passed the FE Exam costing you? How many opportunities to advance are passing you by simply because of an exam? How much are supervisors passing over you because of a paper certification? Do your supervisors even consider what you can bring to the table?

The fact that you have not passed the FE Exam may already be costing you a great deal.

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